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Unión Informática in English

Unión Informática news and announcements.

Strike on Unisys Argentina reaches its third week

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The conflict began on June 3rd and went on through three weeks and still continues exposing employee’s determination not to give up under company’s pressure, whose directors pretend to pay meager salaries. The strike continues as well as other conflicts, making clear that demands from IT workers are on the rise within several companies.

ibm discards its greatest asset: its employees

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There were times when IBMers were proud to work in one of the largest IT-companies in the world. They were respected as employees, were well paid, had secure jobs and worked in an environment conducive to innovation and collaboration. But things have changed in IBM since the company published its Road Maps for 2010 and 2015. Instead of focusing on the people that made the company great, IBM is now transfixed by numbers and Earnings per Share (EPS).

Strike at IBM continues

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After several days the strike and encampment at IBM´s site at Martinez keeps going on. Although an audition was called for today, Monday, the legitimate measure continues along with the support of a big majority of employees who are present at the place of the event.

IBM Argentina: Tango Down

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Last May 28th, employees from IBM Argentina were on strike as announced on weeks past. The reasons were based on the claim of wages in accordance to inflation rates, work stability and the cease of embezzlement performed by the managerial sphere.

May 28th, Strike at IBM Argentina

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Due to the the poor economic conditions, as well as the poor work conditions at IBM Argentina, its workers through Union Informatica have decided to go on strike on May 28th. This decision was reached through employee assemblies at the IBM Martinez and Olivos sites due to the lack of response from management at IBM Argentina.

Massive layoff at IBM Argentina

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As anticipated by Unión Informática, IBM Argentina laid off about 200 employees this week. The multinational corporation keeps on reducing the staff without any justification, at the same time a salary freeze has been imposed and kept for the last four years.

Unión Informática went to Court against the State

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Unión Informática has appealed for legal protection against the Ministry of Labour in reference to the unexplainable delay to provide the trade registration. The law establishes a deadline of 90 days, which expired on June 2011. Carlos Tomada, Minister of Labour, is preventing the IT employees to fully organize themselves by restraining the inscription procedure. However, Unión Informática keeps growing and moving forward in the advocacy of all the IT workers.

Unión Informática and SIDIF S.A. reach an agreement

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Yesterday, an agreement has been signed between Christian Doufour, Sidif S.A’s legal representative, and Pablo Dorín, Unión Informática Secretary-General, acknowledging the union and allowing its employees to freely join it. This marks the beginning of talks regarding better labor conditions for all its workers, and reinstates Juan Ortiz, Unión Informática’s representative within Sidif, back into his normal job duties.

Hewlett-Packard reported for union-related discrimination

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Anti-union policies at Hewlett-Packard Argentina S.R.L. were reported to the National Institute Against Discrimination (INADI), after Unión Informática representatives faced up all kinds of obstructions to their union duties. Unión Informática showed up to demand a stop in discriminative attitudes towards representatives within the company.

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