Cisco: an audience at the Labor Ministry

The Labor Ministry called Union Informatica and Cisco to an audience. The purpose of the meeting: start negotiations to resolve the situation of company’s employees. Cisco’s lawyer asked for time to pass on to the company the situation and a new hearing for April 7 was set.

The American company Cisco and labor union «Unión Informática» met yesterday afternoon at the Labor Ministry. In order to resolve the situation that the staff of the firm, company and workers representatives gathered in order to discuss and resolve this several issues.

On behalf Unión Informática took part: Pablo Dorin, General Secretary; Christian García, Associate Secretary; lawyers Dr. Ariel González – Moyano law firm – and Dr. N. Kalapis, and a union representative. Attornery Pablo Venarotti – Nicholson & Cano law firm -, was there representing Cisco.

During the hearing Unión Informática informed the issues that most concerns Cisco’s employees: an urgent and necessary wage increase; force the company to hire the fraudulently outsourced staff, as well as ensure an equal payment due to the tasks they perform; and full recognition of unionization of staff.

Dorin stated the urgent need to ‘update’ salaries in Cisco. «Not only for the years when the so-called pay ‘increases’ granted by the company did not accompany the inflation rate, but particularly for the remarkable price hike that is affecting the country in recent months» the leader said.

Also pointed out that Cisco not only must stop the fraudulently outsourcing company personnel – such as the TMF contracts – but also must also recompose wages, equate with the duties with equal pay for equal work.

Cisco’s lawyer Pablo Venarotti took note of each of these issues raised and gave his word to transmit the compañy the request. The ministry functionary made the arrangements for another meeting within two weeks. On April 7 both parts shall continue the negotiations, the same functionary urged both parts to keep up with the dialogue initiated at the Ministry.

A quick unionization

Unionization of the workers at Cisco remarkably steps forward. In just two months more than 50% of the staff joined Unión Informática and have already made a first Assembly. At that meeting, employees raised various labor problems they face. Low wages, a remarkable outsourcing company personnel – nearly 40% of the payroll is outsourced under companies like TMF and others – and the consequent wage inequality, even for the same tasks. All these claims were synthesized and presented by the authorities of the Union to the Ministry and the company.

However, despite the will of the employees to asociate with the union, the company tries to ignore the affiliation, denying to incorporate into the wage receipt the «Unión Informática» concept.

The company aims to stop the labor organization of workers, a right legitimately acquired that does not intend to affect the normal operations of the company.


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