Cisco just won’t listen

Authorities at Cisco Systems local subsidiary in Buenos Aires, don’t seem to listen to employee’s claims for better working conditions. Unión Informática, warns the company’s managers that the workers and their union won’t stand the abuse and will take action.

What seemed a good example of willingness and understanding from Cisco’s management due to the concerns of its employees, it was not but a gesture. Wrongly adviced by the «Nicholson & Cano (NYC)» lawyers bureau, local subsidiary of multinational IT Cisco Systems rejected the recent unionization of its employees in the Unión Informática. The company intends, in turn, ignore all labor claims wich made their employees to organize with the Union.

As evidenced by the experience acquired in the last five years, employees do not have to ask permission to unionize and achieve their objectives. The freedom of association and unionizing is an acquired right in Argentina. «This attitude is usual in managers. In the last five years we have gained much experience in dealing with managers and their ever-changing attitude», said Pablo Dorin, Unión Informática General Secretary. «Although we have to unfortunately resort to take action, if the company was more caring and respectful a measure wouldn’t be in plans.» stated Dorin.

In legal terms, Dr. Hugo Moyano, attorney for the General Confederation of Labour and Unión Informática, confirmed that it is «a purely political decision.«. These categorical definitions, the lawyer confronted with the company’s lawyer, Pablo Javier Venarotti, study partner at «NYC». According to Dr. Moyano, «Cisco’s attorney, Dr. Venarotti recognized that there was no legal impediment order to recognize the unionization of company’s personnel». The decision to stop this process was surely taken far away in the north instead of in the 17th floor Laminar Building where Cisco has its offices in Buenos Aires, located on the street Ing. Butti 240.

However, in less than two months more than 40% of the renowned networking company he joined Union for Informatics and claim appropriate wage adjustments to inflation, since for years been losing purchasing power. In addition, a significant number of staff is currently outsourced.

Legal and forceful measures underway

The Trade Secretariat issued directives to take legal action against union and the company with the clear subjugation of trade union rights. The Secretary of Information Gremial Union, Ignacio Gonzalez Lonzieme said that «workers were not organized on a whim but to claim their fair share. And in this the Union will act immediately. « Argentina Cisco employees who joined the Professional Institution, held last Wednesday, March 9 meeting. They assessed the situation with Dorin union and Lonzieme and outrage ensued, both employees and union leaders, by the abuse of company labor rights. «We did not expect such mistreatment» said Cisco employee in the company offices in downtown Buenos Aires.

A third of the employees of the company participated in this meeting. With significant legitimacy and representativeness, it was decided to start labor strikes immediately., While the position of the directors of the company was deemed inadmissible. To defend their rights as citizens and workers, it was agreed to take forceful measures in crescendo until the company decide to negotiate with the Unión Informática.


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