Countdown for Roadmap 2015

2014 is here and the countdown for Roadmap 2015’s goal of $20 earnings per share has begun. CEO Rometty and other executives are determined to reach that goal even if it destroys employees lives, short-changes customers and damages the business.

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It is not just the Alliance saying this, it is said throughout the company by workers who feel they will be discarded to reach that goal.

The goal of $20 eps has been meeting resistance in the marketplace already. Missed targets and a series of poor quarters do not bode well for meeting the goal.

So what does the IBM executive team do? Keep the pressure on by more cost cutting and more firings? Or come to their senses and realize they are pushing a bad business model.

Unfortunately it will probably be business as usual and the employees will pay the price. PBC evaluations are taking place and reports once again show that large amounts of workers are unfairly seeing their number drop. That puts you at risk for being targeted for a «resource action».

But the company is also paying a price. Not only are good and talented employees being «RA’d», many are leaving the company because the workplace has become toxic. Those that remain report long and abusive hours, units cut of staff so deeply that the customer suffers, and work piles up on those left to take up the slack.

It really is time to put the IBM house back in order but it won’t be the executives that do it. We all must do it.

First of all we must organize, build the Alliance everywhere, and bring IBM executives to the negotiating table. They can not be in charge of our future because frankly they consider employees liabilities to the goal of $20 eps.

We must say NO to the executives blind, greed driven goal of $20 eps. It is time to rebuild and save the business, utilizing the talents of IBM workers, not the bean-counters.

We are at a critical point. Do we continue to allow corporate management to push a path that does not reward employees but does reward large investors and executives?

Or do we push for a better future for employees, the business and our customers?

Let’s organize, speak up and rebuild. Lets bring back respect and dignity to the IBM workforce.

Start today by joining the Alliance, the only advocate for workers.

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