November 11, 2011

Yesterday at noon, employees of Hewlett Packard organized by Unión Informática, demonstrated outside the headquarters of the firm, demanding better wages and equal pay for equal work, among others. The company so far has not responded to the demands of employees.

Yesterday, Hewlett Packard employees organized by Unión Informática attended the beginning of a new era in the history of IT workers. It was the demonstration held in front of the headquarters of the company, which so far refused to respond to claims or even to open a channel of dialogue. In the 40-year history that the firm has in our country, this is the first time that their people gather to protest, driven by the unscrupulous labor policies of the company.

Among other things, employees call for a restructuring of salaries eroded by inflation, equal pay for equal work and even the delivery of pay stubs. The situation is further aggravated by the persistent silence of the company against the attempts at dialogue held by Unión Informática, an attitude remarkably similar to that adopted by the computer giant IBM in their own trade union dispute.

Around midday, a convoy of cars and pedestrians occupied the block where the building of Hewlett Packard is located. At one pm exactly, the protest began with honking, cheering and display of flags. The general atmosphere was one of celebration and enthusiasm, contrasting with the doors securely closed and guarded from inside the company.

It remains to be seen which attitude will Hewlett Packard assume towards this action, a definite turning point in the relationship with its workers. However, it is clear that what happened yesterday was only a first step, and if the current indifference of the company before needs of their employees persists, they will be forced to organize new collective actions.

Source: Unión Informática


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