Hewlett-Packard reported for union-related discrimination

Anti-union policies at Hewlett-Packard Argentina S.R.L. were reported to the National Institute Against Discrimination (INADI), after Unión Informática representatives faced up all kinds of obstructions to their union duties. Unión Informática showed up to demand a stop in discriminative attitudes towards representatives within the company.

Unlawful Obstructions 

Since the beginning of union activities within Hewlett-Packard, Unión Informática representatives faced all kinds of obstructions coming from the company’s management. From problems for entering open access buildings, to blockage of Unión Informática email domains, there were attempts to stop spreading the union’s activities. All those attitudes where thoroughly described in the report, and far from discouraging Hewlett-Packard internal committee, they’ve done their part in strengthening the unity among the group, and its conviction to go even further defending IT workers rights.

Legal basis

The report was submitted based on the following normatives:

1. The Law of Union Organisations, Nr. 23,551, establishes in its 4th article: «Workers have the following union rights:

  • Constitute union organisations freely, and without requiring any previous authorisation.
  • Decide to join, not to join, or de-join already constituted union organisations.
  • Meet up and proceed with union activities[…]»

2. The Lay of Discriminative Acts, Nr. 23,592, enacts in its 1st article that who arbitrarily prevents, obstructs or restricts the free course of action based on constitutional equality rights, upon victim’s request, will be required to stop with the discriminatory act. It’s also established that motives like race, religion, and political or union options will be specially considered. 


This report is a new step in exposing illegitimate practices, often disguised as «internal policies». We sincerely hope that Hewlett-Packard will understand the need to stop discriminatory practices, accepting dialogue as the only possible solution, as initially proposed by Unión Informática.


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