IBM Argentina: The Union Informatica Demands Pay Raise in Accordance to Inflation

The Unión Informática once again is demanding IBM Argentina give a pay raise in accordance to inflation as well as solve various issues employees have not been able to discuss seriously. Employees have been meeting in assemblies at various sites and decided to go on strike should IBM Argentina no respond to their demands.

Urgent Pay Raise

Union Informatica requested IBM Argentina pay raises do to the always increasing inflation as well as back pay from years past that have not taken inflation into account.

IBM Argentina has been notified by legal channels to immediately pay attention to the economic situation of its employees as well as ending practices of employment fraud (to this day there are still fraudulent contract workers through Addeco) and other needs like in campus cafeterias with reasonable prices, raising the stipend awarded for daycare (currently $400 pesos), stipend for internet connection for people who perform Home Working, real trainings and a clear policy regarding abuses by certain managers among others.

Union Informatica requested a minimum wage for workers of $6500 pesos and immediate salary recomposition of everyone above that figure.

To make matters even worse IBM Argentina was reported in the United States on corruption charges showing the poor way in which the argentina branch is managed and that could negatively affect IBM Argentina’s business and also employment in Argentina in general.

Assemblies in IBM Martinez and IBM Olivos: Employees vote in favor of going on strike

IBMers met in assemblies at the Martinez and Olivos site and voted in favor of going on strike should the company not respond immediately to there demands going back several years now.The current situation, according to the employees, is unbearable due specially to the sistematic indifference that IBM employees are faced with about their current economic situation.

Furthermore the job reduction does not seem to worry local management. It worth mentioning that from the 10000 employees IBM Argentina had in 2009 today it only has 6500, figure that continues dropping.

What is being asked for:

Urgent Pay Raise

Minimum wage of $8000 pesos before deductions for all employees and/or updating of the salary according to a real inflation index independent of the so called «PBC».

Pay raise of 35% for employees earning above that sum, being that last year they did not recieve any significant raise only for some exceptions.

This is a very important point since most of the workforce around 65% is making around $5000 pesos. Considering the cost of living and the profitability that IBM Argentina provides through the daily work, it is an incredibly low sum.

Other Demands:

-End of EMPLOYMENT FRAUD done through compañies like Adecco, etc.

-Updating of the stipend for day care from the current $400 to $1500 pesos.

-Cafeteria: Offering two daily menus with a cost no higher thatn $15, vouchers for coffee, fruits, etc. The increase in price in the in campus cafeteria show the inflation the company is not willing to acknowledge as well as the lack of willingness by management to address the economic loss of the employees.

-Stipend for internet connectivity for employees that do Home Working.  There are cases where IBM is forcing employees to do Home Working. This can in no way be an imposition and the least IBM can do is pay for their internet connection.

-Corporate pendrive to meet internal security policies which currently are not being met.

-Not reducing but increasing the means of transportation to get to work for the employees

-Ergonomic chairs for all sites, it is common knowledge what the lack of use of these chairs leads to back problems among other things. Along those lines Union Informatica is requesting the necesary office equipment so as to save extending the cost of that overhead to its employees.

– Company policy to prevent harassment and discretion of many managers and leaders when granting acquired rights, labor abuse, and many problems known by everybody.

– SERIOUS training plan, certifications and courses for the career of each IBM employee.

– Reduction of the tremendous workload of the so-called «call centers» employees given the remarkable unhealthy conditions you can experience in such environments.

– Fluid dialogue with Unión Informática trade-union representatives and with the employees together with IBM in order to avoid misunderstandings that compromise the normal operation of the company.

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