IBM reported for salary-based discrimination

Unión Informatica presented a joint report at the National Institute Against Discrimination (INADI) due to arbitrary disparities among salaries within IBM Argentina S.R.L., based on the fact that such policies ignore the equal pay for equal job constitutional right. Read further to know how to add your case to the report.

Causes for the report

Salary disparities at IBM can be found throughout the company, and are a direct and expected consequence of implemented salary policies. Outdated salaries are justified by performance «assessments» (named PBC), hoping that a rise would be considered as a prize, instead of an adjustment for the worker’s spending power, once lost due to inflation.

Due to salary freezing for most senior workers, newly hired IBM employees usually get an higher salary in comparison to the ones who had been working in the company for years. This absurd situation causes that senior employees, with a lot more time at IBM, and with know-how of the job and processes, should train new hires with a higher compensation than themselves.

Being part of the report

Informed a few weeks ago, the wrongly-named «rise» -knowing the real spending power loss that IBM Argentina employees have suffered in the last few years- has increased such disparities among employees. Subjectively measured,  given that there isn’t an impartial, unbiased tool to measure them,  porcentual rises and disparities in the way they’re granted clearly show salary discrimination practices that IBM backs up in detriment of its employees.

If you want to add your case to the salary discrimination joint report, you can do so sending an email with the details to our Opportunities and Gender Equality Secretary:


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