Encuentro en Catalinas durante la Segunda Huelga en IBM Argentina


September 30, 2011

Despite the labor discounts arranged by the company on the previous occasion, the employees of IBM Argentina returned to say “enough is enough” in the second strike that the multinational suffers in it’s nearly 90 years of life in our country.


This action shows once again that we workers are determined to claim what belongs to us and to continue demonstrations to get it. Once again we demonstrated that the vilification of our activity will no longer be tolerated, devaluing the effort we made in order to have the technical skills we use every day in our work.

We congratulate those who joined us on July 28 and joined again this September 28th, and those who took their first step on this occasion. Clearly, the organization of employees grows, thus limiting IBM’s ability to use each of us as an adjustment variable. Overcoming prejudices, fears and penalties imposed intentionally and unfairly by The Big Blue, the IT Argentine employees, for the second time, said ENOUGH.

The message on Wednesday was clear: we know how much we are worth and are determined to assert ourselves.


The high level of compliance in critical areas of the company guarantees IBM Argentina a millionaire fine for missing contractual commitments made to its customers. It is clear that we are not responsible: we workers have demanded open dialogue for months. Such dialogue was rejected at all levels by IBM, who blatantly lying to their employees in order to confuse them, accused and keeps accusing paperwork which even the Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Security of Argentina, the authority of labor administration and enforcement of the Trade Unions Act according to their art. 56, NEVER DEMANDED.  Let us also remember that we demonstrated before this authority our good faith and intention to dialogue on 18 May, in a tripartite meeting between our organization, IBM Argentina and the Ministry.

This strike, as the previous, not only affected different important  businesses for IBM Argentina, but also caused a deep paranoia at the highest manager lines, such as the Delivery Center Argentina (DCA), which met at Olivos at 0 hours Wednesday, fearing a blockade that never happened.

  • In Martinez, the absence of the vast majority of the staff was clearly perceived.
  • At Olivos, assistance to the building was 50% compared to a normal day. Some floors were completely empty. On the first floor of Olivos I, where the Command Center is located, a security guard kept watch since early hours and manager Samantha Anahi Paquot arrived 3 hours before her daily schedule to coincide with the operator’s change of shift.
  • In Uzal, the percentage of staff who did not attend the office was similar to Olivos.
  • In Catalinas, head office to the general management and human resources at IBM Argentina, there were also adhesions to strike. Certain floors appeared to have an unusual level of surveillance.

Of course, we are not unaware that some staff connected and worked from their homes. However, we must note that home working has an impact on IBM; otherwise it would be free, instead of limited to one or two days as it is for most of the staff. Apparently, Unión Informática can unwittingly produce a massive home working.

Among others, the sectors that we know have been heavily impacted were:

  • Night and morning shifts, Tape Libraries, IBM Martinez
  • Morning shift, Command Center IBM Martinez
  • Contact Service Center, IBM Olivos.
  • Administration (ARG-AR-SMI-03-SMS), IBM Olivos
  • IBM Standard Software Installer team – ISSI (ARG-AR-SMI-01-SIS), IBM Olivos
  • Software Packaging of Software Platform Management Service team- SPMS, IBM Olivos
  • Service Repair Center, IBM Huergo
  • Tech Support for northern, central and south regions.

Meeting in Catalinas

As on July 28th, on Wednesday some of the adherents to strike met at 11 at the entrance of Catalinas, which once again dawned with a police fencing requested by IBM Argentina to instill fear and prejudice about union actions. The words of the Federal Police officers who participated in the operation speak for themselves: “We were told they would come to destroy everything.” It is clear that the company still does not understand that workers do not wreak havoc: workers work, and what we claim is simply a decent wage for that work, which is precisely what increases their profits quarter after quarter.

           Meeting at Catalinas during the Second Strike at IBM Argentina


As ALWAYS,  once again we invite IBM Argentina to dialogue to find solutions satisfactory to all, to prevent further disagreements with their staff, and frame their business in a properly regulated framework as in any other workplace in the country and the world.



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