May 28th, Strike at IBM Argentina

Due to the the poor economic conditions, as well as the poor work conditions at IBM Argentina, its workers through Union Informatica have decided to go on strike on May 28th. This decision was reached through employee assemblies at the IBM Martinez and Olivos sites due to the lack of response from management at IBM Argentina.

A Strike that eveyone saw coming

After repeated requests, and after a period of over two year from the first strike to improve the economic situation as well as the work situation of employees at IBM Argentina, Union Informatica summoned its followers and members to assemblies and it has been collectively decided that IBM Argentina workers are going on strike on May 28th.

It is expected that the strike will have a strong impact at IBM, since its employees have decided that they will not be attending to the workplace that day.ibm_catalinas

After the two previous strikes, one on July 28th and then again on September 28th, both in 2011, the third strike will take place by IBM Argentina workers whom progressively are becoming more organized through Unión Informática and supported by other union organizations belonging  to the Confederación General del Trabajo.

Previous strikes seriously affected the company’s day-to-day activities, and minor improvements were achieved, such as making a great percentage of the worker population full fledged employees (previously they were contract workers through companies such as Adecco) and some salaries updates to employees at the very bottom of the salary scale. These salaries were rised to an amount over $3500 pesos.

A rich company with impoverished employees

Jorge Goulú, CEO of IBM Argentina. For years he has been promising improvement of work conditions which have only deteriorated constantely.
Jorge Goulú, CEO of IBM Argentina. For years he has been promising improvement of work conditions which have just constantly deteriorated.

IBM Argentina continues to impoverish its workers with salaries destroyed by inflation, and with its policy of downsizing. Since 2009 when IBM Argentina had almost 10,000 job positions, but personnel was downsized to currently 6500, and it’s still continuing. IBM Argentina closed down 4 of its 8 sites in the country as well as several offices in other provinces.

However, in spite of this, the company continues to internally advertise its two digit economic growth, but this does not mean that the IBM Argentina employees are getting paid accordingly. Therefore, they’re leaving the company in search of better salaries and working conditions.

Currently IBM Argentina gave a single digit raise to the vast majority of the working population which was widely rejected by all employees.

Unión Informática (originated at IBM Argentina at the beginning of 2011 due to the dire work conditions of its employees) has been demanding better salaries and work conditions ever since.

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