Pulling the worker’s leg

Even being a constitutional right, Carlos Tomada’s MTEySS (Argentina’s Department of Employment) suspiciously delays granting legal recognition to Union Informática.

Yesterday, Norberto Ciaravino missed the appointment with Union Informática’s representatives, without any previous warning, showing a total disrespect for the situation of thousands of employees who suffer from labor and salary policies dictated by multi-national corporations governing the IT industry in our country. After a public demonstration, Unión Informática has been meeting, over the last few weeks, with the Chief of Staff in the Department of Employment, Dr. Norberto Ciaravino, in regard of the unjustifiable delays in granting legal recognition to IT workers. Legal recognition is a constitutional right for legally creating an union, and should be granted automatically, by law, in less than 90 days. Unión Informática has meet all the requirements in March 11, 2011: after a year and a half, legal recognition is still denied to us. 

Running in circles

It’s common knowledge: politicians never say no. When trying to deny something, deferring and holding up are means to avoid any compromise.

Norberto Ciaravino, Carlos Tomada’s Chief of Staff, missed the appointment with Unión Informática.

Over the course of past year, Unión Informática’s file has been going around in almost every office in the Department of Employment, which either approved it or asked for a few changes, in spite of the urgency IT workers need legal recognition for its union. Even worse, the Head of the Department of Employment, Carlos Tomada, doesn’t seem to have any interest in the creation of an IT union, although he’s well aware of workers’ current situation (just take a look at the below-average salaries paid on the IT industry), and the formal complaints that Unión Informática has filled regarding unlawful practices at some companies.

Even after all the changes that Unión Informática has agreed to make to the original legal recognition request, and showing a complete lack of expertise about IT activities, Dr. Ciavarino blatantly expressed that the only missing requirement was Dr. Carlos Tomada’s signature. However, a week later he wasn’t even capable of attending to an appointment he actually requested, excusing himself with other obligations, since apparently Unión Informática wasn’t even in his schedule. 

Hidden interests in the Department of Employment: IT companies and exceptional profits

Who’s got the Department of Employment favor?

Head of Dpt. of Employment, Dr. Carlos Tomada: Unionist for the corporations?

While the national government shows itself close to the darkest side of Argentina’s unionism -the same side that validated unemployment and cheap labor in the 90’s decade- IT industry workers find themselves with poor salaries, outsourced for the biggest corporations in the world, forced to pay independent worker’s taxes to keep their jobs, or even with a complete lack of the benefits mandated by law. People in charge of the Department of Employment doesn’t seem to care at all about the situation. Is that just a coincidence?

Meanwhile, companies are in heaven. They’ve got tax reductions for exporting IT services, pay meager salaries, and reach «agreements» with the government with dubious (if any) benefits for argentinean citizens.

Goulú looks pleased.


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