Unión Informática and SIDIF S.A. reach an agreement

Yesterday, an agreement has been signed between Christian Doufour, Sidif S.A’s legal representative, and Pablo Dorín, Unión Informática Secretary-General, acknowledging the union and allowing its employees to freely join it. This marks the beginning of talks regarding better labor conditions for all its workers, and reinstates Juan Ortiz, Unión Informática’s representative within Sidif, back into his normal job duties.

After its employees organised themselves under the umbrella of the IT workers union, the unlawful anti-union layoff of Juan Ortiz, Unión Informática’s representative, and the demonstration in front of the company’s building, Sidif S.A. decided to accept reinstating Juan on his job position, and opened a way of communication to evaluate the situation and agree to move towards better labor conditions for IT workers within the company.

Talks took place past week, with the specific goal of reverting back the confrontative and undesirable situation the company had put itself, and caused immediate reaction from the union’s organisation. It was possible to do so thanks to Sidif’s legal representative’s willingness, and Moyano-Martínez Chas law firm’s assistance.

Unión Informática’s representative is reinstated to his job duties after being fired by Sidif S.A.

Juan Ortiz, Unión Informática’s representative, signs the agreement in which he’s reinstated to his job duties.

Shortly after Sidif S.A. employees started to organize on May 17, 2012, Juan Ortiz, Unión Informática’s representative and IT security worker within the company, was laid off on June 8.

In concordance with the signed agreement, next Monday, June 2, Juan Ortiz will return not only to his former job duties, but also to the union activities within the company, since it was agreed to grant him enough time to develop his union activities within working hours, as law dictates.

Sidif S.A. acknowledges Unión Informática

Equally important to Juan’s reinstitution is the fact that the company acknowledges its employees union organization, in a open and smart move to start negotiations, improving the relationship between them and the quality of service that the company offers to its customers.

We want to congratulate Juan Ortiz for always keeping his composure upon the harsh situation he’s been through the last few days, and also Christian García, Deputy Secretary-General, and Ignacio González Lonzieme, Trade Union Secretary, for their quick response. 

Finally, we want to welcome Sidif S.A’s willingness in agreeing with Union Informática for a better relationship between employers and employees.


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